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  • Public Relations in the News

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  • Public Relations: Spinning Stories or Lies?

    Public Relations: Spinning Stories or Lies?

    Public relations has been around for centuries, but has progressed with the world throughout the years so that it is still effective. Public relations is essentially the process of creating a connection or a bond between a company and its public; this can include their loyal customers, or their community, “Everyone, from the President of the United States to the President of the Russian Federation, from the Pope to the Queen of England, from Apple to Walmart, from Taylor Swift to Kendrick Lamar, practices public relations on a daily basis” (Seitel, 2020). This relationship between the public and the business should be mutually beneficial because the business is able to gain from its community’s support, and the community is able to gain from the businesses support. 

    A great example that is explained in The Practice Of Public Relations is former president Donald Trump’s campaign that was done via social media and public relations. Although he was successful in his campaign through public relations by keeping a close feeling relationship with his followers, the way he used his public relations was unethical because of wrong or misleading information being spread. This scenario helps us see into the good and bad public relations can cause. On one hand, he was able to reach millions and create a loyal following by posting to social media and holding rallies, but on the other hand he was spreading misleading information which is not beneficial to the public. Once you are labeled as “lying” in public relations it is seemingly impossible to gain trust back from the public, especially those who bought into the lies and or stood up for them. 

    A big part of public relations is being able to turn something seemingly bad into something that could have a positive spin on it in order to retain support from the public. When it comes to spinning stories for public relations, there is a big difference in lying and trying to make the best out of a negative situation. Spinning the truth in public relations has become so used across the board that there are classes along with tips and tricks websites on how to do this in the most ethical way possible. Spinning of stories accompanied by completely lying has painted a negative light on the PR industry.